What Are Telmisartan Tablets Used For?


If you’re an assisted bodybuilder, you’ve probably heard of Telmisartan and/or begun using it, even though it’s only recently entered the bodybuilding industry. Although the use of this medication to decrease blood pressure has grown in popularity, many people still take it without fully understanding what it does. Because of this, the purpose of this article is to describe how telmisartan reduces blood pressure in the body.

Telmisartan is a member of the angiotensin 2 receptor blocker (ARB) medicine class, but before we get into the specifics of what that entails, let’s clear up a few points. Our bodies contain a hormonal system known as the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System (RAAS), which is in charge of controlling blood pressure and fluid balance. It controls how it reacts to stimuli like the naturally occurring chemical angiotensin, which constricts blood vessels and raises blood pressure. Because the usage of anabolic steroids elevates the levels of one particular type of angiotensin in our systems, especially angiotensin 2, this type of angiotensin is significant to us in this case.


It’s important to remember that the body makes angiotensin II as well and that it has evolved to use this hormone to survive. However, the issue is that PED-using-aided bodybuilders have persistently increased levels of this hormone. It’s vital to think about the long-term repercussions of high blood pressure when you start to contemplate that people may be taking AAS for years or decades.

As previously mentioned, high blood pressure has detrimental effects on the heart and kidney muscles. On the one hand, high blood pressure forces the heart to work harder and beat faster, and on the other hand, lower blood pressure causes the kidneys’ filtration rate to drop. The situation that remains is one in which your kidney and heart functions are compromised.

As a result, telmisartan will be used by assisted bodybuilders as a harm-reduction technique. Utilizing this substance will specifically reduce the levels of angiotensin 2’s capacity to bind to its particular locations in the body, hence minimizing its detrimental effects on blood pressure and renal function. Importantly, it’s a harm reduction rather than elimination technique; specifically, this circumstance is contrasted with one in which an assisted bodybuilder takes nothing at all to lessen these adverse effects.


I would most definitely think about utilizing telmisartan if blood pressure needs to be regulated. If there is no such requirement, variables that might point to its use include a desire to lower visceral fat, improve insulin sensitivity issues, lower the risk of atherosclerosis, or, depending on individual preferences, perhaps even enhance brain health and function.

When deciding whether to use telmisartan, one may be unwilling to accept the risk of potential adverse effects or tip the scales in favor of visceral fat loss over the subcutaneous fat loss. In general, the look might be smoother if dieting and exercise only result in the same body fat percentage despite the benefits of telmisartan since the same amount of body fat would be present but with less of it being stored as harmful visceral fat. There is no smoothness penalty, however, if using telmisartan to reduce body fat percentage while benefiting from better visceral fat loss.

However, in order to achieve contest conditions, the body must keep a specific amount of fat. Theoretically, in this situation, lowering visceral fat may result in a larger retention of subcutaneous fat. Therefore, I wouldn’t suggest using telmisartan in the final two weeks before a bodybuilding competition.


One of these cardiovascular risk factors that already have a significant impact on a large portion of the population is high blood pressure (hypertension). One in three American people, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), had systolic blood pressure readings above 140. Prehypertension in one additional person out of three ranges from 120 to 140.

As a result of prehypertension and hypertension, tens of millions of Americans are at an elevated risk for heart attack, stroke, and other major cardiovascular occurrences. No sane person will propose that steroids are to blame for this significant health issue. Steroids frequently increase the risk even though they are not the bogeyman that they are made up to be. Bodybuilders who already have significant health risks should understand how crucial it is to lower or at the very least manage this risk factor before using steroids.

Angiotensin II receptor antagonist (also known as angiotensin receptor blocker, or ARB) telmisartan is used to treat hypertension. It might not be the most frequently prescribed anti-hypertension medication right now. Other medications, such as lisinopril from the ACE inhibitor class, metoprolol from the beta blocker class, or even losartan from the same ARB class as telmisartan, may be prescribed instead by doctors. Telmisartan, however, might be the best option for steroid users, especially for individuals with prehypertension or borderline high blood pressure.


  • Increase cardiovascular performance
  • Burn visceral fat
  • Reverse anabolic steroid-induced left ventricle hypertrophy
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Reduce the risk of stroke
  • Reduction of risk of atherosclerosis
  • Improves brain health
  • Improves mood and energy


In conclusion, telmisartan is a member of the angiotensin 2 receptor blocker medication class. When we take anabolic steroids, our angiotensin 2 levels rise, which might exacerbate the unfavorable effects of water retention, electrolyte imbalance, and blood pressure increases (directly and indirectly). Chronically high amounts of this hormone over an extended period of time can harm kidney and heart health. Telmisartan can therefore be used by assisted bodybuilders as a preventative strategy to control blood pressure and support kidney and heart health. Assisted bodybuilders prefer telmisartan over other ARBs since it is superior to them in a number of aspects as well. Both when using anabolic steroids and when not, telmisartan can help persons with high blood pressure manage their blood pressure. It may also improve endurance, boost fat loss, and possibly even improve long-term health.


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